Midwest Baptist Association
Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories


 The Yellowhead Region includes Edmonton, AB (Alberta's Capital City) and the Yellowhead Highway Corridor (Hwy 16).
 Population:  1 million          Major City:  Edmonton, AB
Student Ministry
      Jonathan Chisholm~ office@jpbc.ca
          Phone: 780-484-1981 
 Campus Ministries:
     University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB):      
     Grant MacEwan College - City Centre (Edmonton, AB):
     Campus St Jean (Edmonton, AB)      
     Grant MacEwan College - Jasper Place (Edmonton, AB):
     Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Edmonton, AB)
Strategy Coordinators for Yellowhead Region                     
Churches & Churchplants
Devon, AB
Disciple Way Christian Church+ 
            Meeting Location:  2A Saskatchewan Ave
            Mailing Location:  32 Saskatchewan Ave, Devon, AB  T9G 1Y4
            Phone:  780-267-9513
            Email: dawsonlbrown2012@hotmail.com
Edmonton, AB
Agape Chinese Baptist Church
            Weekend Location: 12404 -140 Ave. Edmonton.
            Office:  c/o Evangel Baptist Church 1204 Ellwood Road SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0B2
            Chinese Ministry phone: (780) 481-1464 (Wilson Chiu)
            English Ministry phone: 
            Children's Ministry phone: (780) 720-7297 (Hanna Ng)        
            Email:  wilsonchiu@hotmail.com
Agape Vietnamese Baptist Church+
            Weekend Location: 12404 -140 Ave. Edmonton.
            Office: c/o Evangel Baptist Church 1204 Ellwood Road SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0B2
            Phone: (587) 990-9559
            Email: nguyendavid518@gmail.com
Central Community Church
            Meeting Location:  9 - 315 MacEwan University City Centre Campus NW corner of 104th Ave and 109th Street (10:30am Sunday mornings)
            Mailing Address:  #304, 10740-105 Street, Edmonton, AB  T5H 2X2
            Office Phone:  780-604-4127
            Email:  edmontonshines@gmail.com
            Website:  www.wearecentral.ca
Christ International Assembly of Edmonton
            Meeting Location:  Evangel Baptist Church, 1204 Ellwood Road SW, Edmonton  
            Mailing Address:  16412 - 61 Street, Edmonton, AB  T5Y 0A7
            Office Phone:  780-224-6171
            Email:  one_trinity@shaw.ca
Church in the Valley+
            Meeting Location:  Riverbend Community Centre,  258 Rhatigan Road East,  Edmonton  (Sundays at 2pm)
            Mailing Address:  18320 - 68 Ave NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5T 2H6
            Office Phone:  587-873-4912
            Email:  nateoya@gmail.com 
Church of Generation for Christ+
            Meeting Location:  9008 - 135th Ave NW, Edmonton  (Sundays at 3:30pm)
            Mailing Address:  12336 - 86 Street NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5B 3L2
            Office Phone:  780-200-9917
            Email:  kaleabmw@yahoo.com 
Dovercourt Baptist Church*  
            12321 – 135 Street, Edmonton, AB T5L 1X6
            Office Phone: 780-455-0246      
            Email: ionag@telus.net
Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church*  
            11112 – 109 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 1E1
            Office Phone: 780-426-0891   (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)  
            Email: office@ecbchurch.org
            Website: www.ecbchurch.org
Edmonton Mandarin Work  
            11112 - 109 Ave, Edmonton, AB  T5H 1E1
            Phone:  780-426-0891 (Shuquan Nie)
            Email:  shuquan.nie@ecbchurch.org
Evangel Baptist Church*
            1204 Ellwood Road SW, Edmonton, AB  T6X 0B2
            Lead Pastor: 780-437-8552 ext 113 (Roland Shum)
            English Associate Pastor: 780-437-8552 ext 114 (Caleb Kan) 
            Mandarin Pastor:  780-437-8552 ext 115 (Flavius Mui) 
               Associate Pastor:  780-437-8552 ext 112 (Joey Chan) 
            Administrator: 780-437-8552 ext 111 (Jacqueline Tam)
            Email: office@evbc.ca
            Website: http://www.evbc.ca
Filipino International Baptist Church*
            Weekend Location: Parkview Community League, 9135 - 146 Street NW, Edmonton
            Mailing Address: P.O. Box 67323 Hawkstone Co-op, Edmonton, AB T6M 0J5
            Phone: 780-964-2444 
            Email: church@fibcedmonton.ca
            Website: www.fibcedmonton.ca
Jasper Place Baptist Church*
            8801 – 163 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 2N8
            Office Phone: 780-484-1981            
            Email: office@jpbc.ca
            Webpage: www.jpbc.ca
Life Renewal Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location:  Terwillegar Community Church, 1751 Towne Centre Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB  T6R 3N9  (Sundays at 2:30pm)
            Office Phone: 780-433-4124
            Email: pastor.evan.yang@gmail.com
            Webpage: www.lrbc.ca
Newway Baptist Church*
            Meeting Location:  Jasper Place Baptist Church, 8801 - 163 Street, Edmonton, AB  T5R 2N8 
            Phone: 780-238-2901
            Email: dongkyu@hotmail.com
            Website: www.newwayedmonton.com    
Trinity Mandarin Baptist Church+
               Meeting Location:  Castledowns (Salvation Army) Church, 12404 - 140 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB (Sundays at 3:30pm)
               Mailing Address:  c/o Evangel Baptist Church, 1204 Ellwood Rd SW, Edmonton, AB  T6X 0B2
UofA Christian Fellowship+
Meeting Location:  The Multi faith Room (under the HUB Mall's A & W on the ground floor) at 9105-07 HUB Mall 
                         (Sundays at 10am, Saturdays at 4pm for Evangelism)
               Mailing Address:  13803 - 88 Avenue NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5R 4J1
               Contact:  Simon & Anita Ho
               Phone:  780-908-3808  
               Email:  simonymho@shaw.ca
West Edmonton Fellowship+
            Meeting Location:  Boardwalk Rec Centre,  17311 - 69th Ave NW,  Edmonoton  (Sunday's at 10:30am)
Mailing Address:  6494 - 172 Street NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5T 3R6
            Phone: 780-271-2459
            Email: realtruthministry01@gmail.com
Westwood Baptist Church*
            10212 – 121 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0S9
            Office Phone: 780-477-7618
            Email: bpbye@shaw.ca
Evansburg, AB
Evansburg Baptist Church*
            Meeting Location:  4804 - 48 Ave,  Evansburg, AB
            Mailing Address:  Box 459, Evansburg, AB T0E 0T0
            Office Phone:   
            Email: hectorrollie@gmail.com
LLoydminister, AB
Mosaic Church+
            Meeting Location: Lakeland College,  2602 - 59th Ave,   Lloydminister, AB
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 1505,  Lloydminister, AB  T9V 3B8
            Phone: 780-214-1420
            Email: mosaiclloyd@gmail.com
            Website: www.mosaiclloyd.com
Sherwood Park, AB
The Open Door Community Church
            Meeting Location:  Millennium Place 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, AB (Every Sunday at 10:30am)
             Phone:  780-710-5567
            Email: dennismilne65@me.com or linamilne.be@gmail.com
            Website:  www.odccsherwoodpark.com
St Albert
Grace Family Church*
            60 Liberton Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N 4L5
            Office Phone: 780-459-2222               
            Fax: 780-418-2688
               Lead Pastor: mmcelroy@gracefamilychurch.ca (Mike McElroy)
            Associate Pastor:  780-901-1245   timhydzik@gmail.com  (Tim Hydzik)
                Website: www.gracefamilychurch.ca 
     ** St. Albert Cowboy Church is a ministry of Grace Family Church **    
 Photos from www.gov.ab.ca.  Map from www.en.wikipedia.org.