Midwest Baptist Association
Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories

Resources for Church Ministry

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The following are some free and/or affordable resources for church ministry: 

Free Business Cards & Stamps

www.vistaprint.ca offers 250 free business cards (vistaprint website printed in small print on reverse).  Shipping and handling is approx $9.00.  Blank reverse or your own logo on card costs additional $15.00 each.

www.vistaprint.ca offers free 3 line address stamp.  Shipping and handling is approx $9.00.


Affordable Webpage

www.churchplantingsites.net offers free website for one year for churchplants.   After first year, $30/month. 

www.lifewaylink.com offers 40 page website for $270 US per year (if paid annual), plus a nominal first time set up fee.

www.churchwebsites.com offers website starting at $30 US per month.

http://www.cadomains.ca/ offers domain names for approx $24 Cdn per year.


Free Community Webpage Ads

www.calgaryarea.com offers free advertising for non-profit events in Calgary, AB area.  Click on a community and look for the bulletin board.


Free Personal Bible Study Tools
www.crosswalk.com provides free on-line Bible Study tools.  Includes NIV, NASB, NLT, KJV, The Message, and other translations.

Free On-Line Leadership Training

www.e-quip.net is a free on-line training website, provided by Canadian National Baptist Convention.  


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