CNBC Alberta / Midwest Baptist Association

University Ministry

National Ministry Partner
Student Mobilization Ministry Leader (CNBC):
     Mel Cruikshank                          


Local Ministries (North to South)
Peace River Region 

     Grand Prairie

     Grand Prairie Regional College

     NAIT Fairview Campus
Fort McMurray Region
     Keyano College

     Contact:  Clay Hilton   
     phone: 780-747-1381   
 Edmonton Area (Yellowhead)
       Student Ministry
      Jonathan Chisholm~
          Phone: 780-484-1981 
      Campus Ministries:
      University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB):      Grant MacEwan College - City Centre (Edmonton, AB):
     Campus St Jean (Edmonton, AB)      
     Grant MacEwan College - Jasper Place (Edmonton, AB):
     Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Edmonton, AB)

Calgary Area (Chinook)
   Chinook Collegiate Ministry Network
          Church & Campus Ministry Network in Calgary Area 
                    Contact Jef Tsui                      
     University of Calgary (Calgary, AB):  
          Jef Tsui                                           
     Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Calgary, AB):
          Jef Tsui                                           
     Mount Royal College (Calgary, AB)
          Bo Neal                                  
Collegiate Student Missions Opportunities in Midwest Association
     Student Missionary and GenSEND information:
     Email for information on Student Missions: 
     Email for information on GenSEND: