Midwest Baptist Association
Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories


The Chinook Region includes Midwest Association churches and ministries in the Calgary, Alberta area.
Population:  1 million          Major City:  Calgary, AB
University Ministry
     Chinook Collegiate Ministry Network
          Church & Campus Ministry Network in Calgary Area 
                    Contact Jef Tsui                     
     University of Calgary (Calgary, AB):  
          Jef Tsui                                          
     Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Calgary, AB):
          Jef Tsui                                          
     Mount Royal College (Calgary, AB)
          Bo Neal                                            boneal@southwindschurch.ca
Strategy Coordinators            
Churchplanting Networks
             SouthTrails Network           www.southtrails.ca 
             Tapestry Network               www.tapestrycalgary.ca       
Churches & Churchplants

Airdrie, AB 

Hopelink Church+
          Meeting Location:  Nose Creek Valley Museum, 1701 Main Street SW,  Airdrie  (Sundays at 10:30am, Prayer Meeting Wednesday's at 7:30pm)
          Mailing Address:  120 Stonegate Cresent NW,  Airdrie, AB   T4B 2P2
          Phone:  403-921-0375
          Email:  herwyntagle@yahoo.com
Calgary, AB           
            Meeting Location:  200 Auburn Bay Blvd SE, Calgary   (Sundays at 3:30pm)
            Mailing Address:  14307 Shawnee Bay SW,  Calgary, AB  T2Y 1X2
            Phone:  403-399-2768 or 403-801-6314
            Email:  jerrywyh@gmail.com or brightking0826@yahoo.ca
            Youth Pastor email:  jaydenwilliamworth@gmail.com
Bethel Ethiopian Life Reformation Church+
            Meeting Location:  House of Blessing, 130 - 32 Ave NW,  Calgary (Sundays at 3:30pm)
            Mailing Address: 231 Templegreen Dr NE #3111, Calgary, AB  T1Y 5S6
            Phone: 403-969-3938
            Email: amare_taye@yahoo.com
Bridge International Church, The
            Meeting Location:  Cambrian Heights Baptist Church, 240 Cardiff Dr NW (Sundays 3:30 - 5pm with fellowship to follow)
            Mailing Address: Box 843, 3545 – 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6
            Phone: 403-669-1131
            Email:  dwaynerbartley@gmail.com
Calgary Chinese Baptist Church*
            3907 – 44th Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 6R5
            Phone: 403-590-4349
            Email: info@calgarychinesebaptist.ca 
Calgary Korean Global Mission 
            Meeting Location: Wild Rose United Church, 1317 - 1st Street NW, Calgary
            Mailing Address:  1317 - 1st Street NW,  Calgary, AB  T2M 2S5
            Phone: 587-437-7749
            Email: aderk77@gmail.com
Calgary Woori Church 
            538 Country Hills Drive NW, Calgary, AB T3K 4W7
            Phone: 403-269-7986
            Email: bridge90@gmail.com
Cambrian Heights Baptist Church
            240 Cardiff Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2K 1S2
            Office Phone: 403-289-9861              
            Email: office@chbclive.ca
            Website: www.chbclive.ca
Christ In You Baptist+ 
            99 Martha's Meadow Close NE,  Calgary, AB   T3J 4Z2  (Sundays at 10am)
            Phone:  403-800-4197
            Email: ciybmissionscalgary@yahoo.ca
Christian Lighthouse Baptist+ 
            Meeting Location:  2115 - 20th Ave NW,  Calgary (Sundays at 10am)
            Mailing Location:  520 Ranch View Court NW,  Calgary, AB  T3G 1R6
            Phone:  403-714-4208
            Email: agustinangel06@yahoo.com
Connect Church+
            Meeting Address:  CrossIron Mills Mall Cinema, 261055 Crossiron Mills Blvd, Calgary (Sunday's at 10am)
            Mailing Address:  184 Evansridge Close NW,  Calgary, AB  T3P 0H2
            Phone: 403-803-7711
            Email: dan@connectcalgary.ca
** Not currently holding weekend worship services. **
Grace Generation Church
            Meeting Location:  Calgary Vietnamese Mennonite Church, 167 Whitefield Drive NE (Basement through the side doors),  Calgary  (Sundays at 6pm)
            Mailing Address:  750 Coral Springs Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 3R7  
            Phone:  587-894-0500
            Email: david.cay@gmail.com
            Website:  www.gracegeneration.com

Life Touch Ministries
            Meeting Location:  Unit 27, 5401 Temple Drive NE,  Calgary, AB  
            Mailing Address:  13 Douglas Woods Gardens SE,  Calgary, AB  T2Z 3A9
            Email: cbalawan@yahoo.com.ph
            Phone: 403-397-2859
Oikos Ministries
            Mailing Address:  79 Hunterhorn Gardens NE, Calgary, AB  T2K 6E5
            Phone:  403-461-8869
            Email:  servantsquest@gmail.com
            Website:  www.oikosministries.com
Redemption Baptist Church of Calgary/Eglise Baptiste de la Redemption de Calgary
            Meeting Location:  3601 - 21st Street NW Unit A
            Mailing Address:  32 Evansfield Way NW, Calgary, AB T3P 0L1
            Phone:  403-604-2363
            Email:  beloguic40@yahoo.com  
Richmond Hill Baptist Church*
            7251 Sierra Morena Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3N5
            Office Phone: 403-242-1256
            Email: Sheryl@rhbc.ca
            Website: www.rhbc.ca
Southwinds Church 
            Sunday Location: Cranston Community Centre ~ Century Hall,  11 Cranarch Road SE
            Mailing Address:  9920 Fairmount Dr SE, Calgary, AB  T2J 0S4
            Cell:  403-703-9920
            Pastor Email:  boneal@southwindschurch.ca
            Community Outreach Coordinator Email:  hollyprocita@southwindschurch.ca
            Office Email:  office@southwindschurch.ca
            Website: www.southwindschurch.ca
Junction Church+
            Sunday Location:  Mahogany Beach Club,  29 Master Park SE,  Calgary   (Sundays at 10:30am)
            Mailing Address:  55 Marquis Green,  Calgary, AB  T3M 1X7
            Phone: 587-439-9920
            Email: brettmyers@southwindsmahogany.ca
Springbank Chinese Baptist Church+
            Sunday Location:  700, 77 Street SW, Calgary, AB  (Sundays at 10:30am)
            Mailing Address:  68 Simcoe Place SW,  Calgary, AB  T3H 4T8
            Office Phone: 587-832-6688 or 403-603-8028
            Email: samjhzhao@yahoo.ca or thean_seang@shaw.ca
            Website:  www.springbankchurch.org/
Tapestry Church 
            Meeting Location: Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, 200 Seminary View, Cochrane (Sundays at 10:30am)
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 594, Cochrane, AB  T4C 1A7
            Phone: 403-826-9326
            Email:  kelly@tapestrycochrane.ca
            Website:  tapestrycochrane.ca         
The Hope For All Nations
           Email: maurice.k.t@gmail.com
The Pathway Church
           Meeting Location:  Beddington Heights Community Centre,  375 Bermuda Drive NW
           Mailing Address:  100 Convention Way,  Cochrane, AB  T4C 2G2
           Phone:  587-581-1858
           Website: www.thepathwaychurch.ca
Trinity Baptist Church*
            9920 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0S4
            Office: 403-271-0346  
            Email: trinity@trinitybaptist.ca
            Website: www.trinitybaptist.ca
True Love Arabic Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location:  Meeting Location:  North Side Bible Fellowship Church, 2911 Edmonton Trail NE  (Sundays at 6pm)
            Mailing Address:  21 Hidden Ranch Court NW,  Calgary, AB  T3A 5W4
            Office: 403-390-9900  
            Email: drrevfbn@yahoo.com
            Website: arabicchurchincalgary.com
Truth Baptist Church
            Weekend Location: Alberta Bible College, 635 Northmount Drive NW,  Calgary
            Mailing Address:  545 Sunmills Drive SE,   Calgary, AB  T3X 3C2
            Phone: 403-988-8333
            Email:  hao4truth@gmail.com
            Website: www.truthbaptist.org
            Mandarin:       See above webpage.
Vietnamese Community Church
            Weekend Location: Little Saigon Centre,  Bay 211, 4909 - 17th Ave SE,  Calgary  (10:30 am)
            Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 57069,  Calgary, AB  T1Y 6R4
            Phone: 403-285-3151
            Email: ngoviettan@hotmail.com 
Cochrane, AB
Bow Valley Baptist Church*
            54 West Aarsby Road, Cochrane, AB T4C 1M1
            Office Phone: 403-932-4601           
            Email: office@bowvalleybaptist.com
            Website: www.bowvalleybaptist.com 
Morley, AB
Morley Mission+
            Mailing Address: 238 Citadel Mesa Close NW,  Calgary, AB  T3G 5K8
            Phone: 403-702-0449 
            Email: jdhcpo@gmail.com
** Not currently holding weekend worship services. ** 
Left: Alberta, Canada                                Right:  Calgary, Alberta
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