Midwest Baptist Association
Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories


The following are answers to some frequently asked questions:
Who do we contact to have our pastor licenced to perform marriages?
Request should be made by church on behalf of pastor:
            Mel Cruikshank            cnbc.send.students@telus.net          
Who do we contact when our church wants to join the Association?
Credentials Committee
Who do we contact about the Annual Meeting?
            Jeremiah Pierson:          pierman1979@gmail.com
Where do we send/ request cheques?
Send Cheques to:
          Midwest Baptist Association
          c/o Evangel Baptist Church
                1204 Ellwood Rd SW
                Edmonton, AB  T6X 0B2
             Make cheques payable to: Midwest Baptist Association
Request Cheques:
          Agnes Leung              treasurermba@gmail.com