CNBC Alberta / Midwest Baptist Association

Churches by Cities

The following are the Churches* and sponsored Churchplants+ and Bible Studies in our Association.  Scroll down to find congregations listed alphabetically by city or town:
Airdrie, AB  (Chinook Region)
Grace Baptist Church+
          1009 East Lake Blvd NE,  Airdrie, AB   T4A 1R3
          Phone:  403-948-3821
Hopelink Church+
          Meeting Location:  2104 Yankee Valley Blvd, Airdrie (Sundays at 2:00pm)
          Mailing Address:  120 Stonegate Cresent NW,  Airdrie, AB   T4B 2P2 
          Phone:  403-921-0375
          Email: or
Calgary, AB (Chinook Region)           
            40 Mckenzie Towne Blvd, Calgary T2Z 4X5  (Sundays at 3:30pm)
            Phone:  403-312-6300
Bridge International Church
            Meeting Location:  Pathway Church - Cambrian, 240 Cardiff Dr NW (Sundays 3:30 - 5pm with fellowship to follow) 
            Mailing Address: c/o 240 Cardiff Dr NW, Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6
            Phone: 587-573-0777
Calgary Chinese Baptist Church*
            3907 – 44th Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 6R5
            Phone: 403-590-4349
Calgary Korean Global Mission Church
            Weekend Location: Wild Rose United Church, 1317 - 1st Street NW, Calgary
            Mailing Address:  1317 - 1st Street NW, Calgary, AB T2M 2S5
            Phone: 587-437-7749
Calgary Woori Church
            538 Country Hills Dr NW,  Calgary, AB  T3K 4W7
            Phone: 403-269-7986
Calgary Zion Korean Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location:  Trinity Baptist Church, 9920 Fairmount Dr SE, Calgary
            Mailing Address: #402, 501 Palisades Way, Sherwood Park, AB   T8H 0H8
            Phone: 403-971-6223
Christian Lighthouse Baptist+ 
            Meeting Location:  2115 - 20th Ave NW,  Calgary (Sundays at 10am)
            Mailing Location:  520 Ranch View Court NW,  Calgary, AB  T3G 1R6
            Phone:  403-714-4208
Connect Church+        
            Address:  1001 - 53 Avenue NE,  Calgary, AB  T2E 6X9 (Sunday's at 10am)
            Phone: 403-803-7711
Global Mission Fellowship+
            Address:  3403 - 64 Street NE,  Calgary, AB  T1Y 4L4
            Phone: 403-402-9769
Grace Arabic Church+
            Meeting Address:  Richmond Hill Baptist Church,   7251 Sierra Morena Blvd SW  Calgary
            Mailing Address:    23 Chapman Close SE,  Calgary, AB  T2X 3S8
            Phone: 403-481-6568
Grace Generation Church
            Meeting Location: Calgary Vietnamese Mennonite Church, 167 Whitefield Drive NE (Basement through the side doors), Calgary  (Sundays at 6pm)
            Mailing Address: 750 Coral Springs Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 3R7
            Phone:  587-894-0500
Hope Church+
            Meeting Location: Hamptons Community Centre, 16  Hampstead Close NW,  Calgary
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 80085 Beacon Hill PO,  Calgary, AB  T3R 0B2
            Phone:  403-690-5253
Impact Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location: Falconridge Community Centre, 95 Falshire Drive NW,  Calgary
            Mailing Address:
            About Us: Hope Church started in September 2018 and ministers primarily in the Symons Valley area of NW Calgary. We are partnered with CNBC Alberta, SEND                     Calgary of the North American Mission Board and helped form the Aspen Church Planting Network alongside Tapestry Church in Cochrane. Our vision is to help                     every person in every place find hope in Christ and we do this through our mission to be a gospel family who connects neighbours to Christ and each other. 
Jesus Wonderful International Church+
            Meeting Location:  637 - 17 Avenue NE,  Calgary    (Friday Evangelism 4-6pm; Saturday Prayer 4-6pm; Sunday Service 3-6pm)
            Mailing Address: 231 Templegreen Dr NE #3111, Calgary, AB  T1Y 5S6
            Phone: 403-969-3938
Life Touch Ministries
            Meeting Location:  Unit 1 (basement) Temple Crossing Building, 5401 Temple Drive NE,  Calgary, AB  
            Mailing Address:  184 Fonda Close SE,  Calgary, AB  T2A 6G3
            Phone: 403-909-1884
 Multiply Church
      Address:  526 Chaparral Drive SE,  Calgary, AB  T2X 3W2
            Phone:  587-284-8141
 Oikos Ministries
            Mailing Address:  79 Hunterhorn Gardens NE, Calgary, AB  T2K 6E5
            Phone:  403-461-8869
Pathway Church - Cambrian
          240 Cardiff Drive NW,   Calgary, AB  T2K 1S2
          Phone: 403-456-6860
Redemption Baptist Church of Calgary/Eglise Baptiste de la Redemption de Calgary
            Meeting Location:  3601 - 21st Street NE Unit A
            Mailing Address:  32 Evansfield Way NW, Calgary, AB T3P 0L1
            Phone:  403-604-2363
Richmond Hill Baptist Church*
            7251 Sierra Morena Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3N5
            Office Phone: 403-242-1256
Southwinds Church
            Sunday Location: Cranston Community Centre ~ Century Hall,  11 Cranarch Road SE
            Mailing Address:  #210, 240 Midpark Way SE,   Calgary, AB  T2X 1N4
              Phone:  403-703-9920
            Pastor Email: (Bo Neal)
            Minister of Youth and Community Connection Email: (Kinsey Galyon)
            Office Email:
Springbank Chinese Baptist Church+
            Sunday Location:  277 Strathcona Drive SW,  Calgary  (Sundays at 10:30am)*
               *Due to the pandemic, this church has not been meeting at this location.
            Mailing Address:  c/o #914, 738  3rd Avenue SW   Calgary, AB  T2P 0G7
            Office Phone: 403-603-8028
The Vine+ 
            Meeting Location: 6508 Bowwood Dr NW,  Calgary, AB
The Hope For All Nations Church 
Trinity Baptist Church*
            9920 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0S4
            Office: email preferred at this time  
True Love Arabic Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location:  North Side Bible Fellowship Church, 2911 Edmonton Trail NE  (Sundays at 6pm)
            Mailing Address:  21 Hidden Ranch Court NW,  Calgary, AB  T3A 5W4
            Office: 403-390-9900  
Truth Baptist Church
            Weekend Location: Alberta Bible College, 635 Northmount Drive NW,  Calgary
            Mailing Address:  403 37 Ave NW,  Calgary, AB  T2K 0C6
            Phone: 403-630-8943
Vietnamese Community Church
            Weekend Location: Little Saigon Centre,  Bay 211, 4909 - 17th Ave SE,  Calgary  (10:30 am)
            Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 57069,  Calgary, AB  T1Y 6R4
            Phone: 403-285-3151
Canmore, AB  (Chinook Region)
The Cairn Church+
            Meeting Location:  Currently meeting in homes. Contact for location.
            Office Phone: 403-493-9426 
Cochrane, AB  (Chinook Region)
Bow Valley Baptist Church*
            54 West Aarsby Road, Cochrane, AB T4C 1M1
            Office Phone: 403-932-4601           
Cowboy Trail Church       
            Meeting Location: Cochrane RancheHouse  (Tuesdays at 7pm)
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 783  Cochrane, AB T4C 1A9
            Office Phone: 403-651-5344           
Tapestry Church 
            Meeting Location: Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, 200 Seminary View, Cochrane (Sundays at 10:30am)
            Mailing Address:  25 Seminary Ridge  Cochrane, AB  T4C 2E8
            Phone: 403-826-9326
Devon, AB  (Yellowhead Region)
Disciple Way Christian Church+ 
            Meeting Location:  2A Saskatchewan Ave
            Mailing Location:  32 Saskatchewan Ave, Devon, AB  T9G 1Y4
            Phone:  (780) 267-9513
Edmonton, AB  (Yellowhead Region) 
Agape Chinese Baptist Church
            Weekend Location: 12404 -140 Ave. Edmonton     (Worship service at 3:30pm)
            Office: c/o Evangel Baptist Church 1204 Ellwood Road SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0B2
            Phone: (780) 819-9430;
Agape Vietnamese Baptist Church+
            Weekend Location: 
            Office: c/o David Nguyen, 20624 - 97th Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4V5
            Phone: (587) 990-9559
            Accounting: Agnes Leung (CNBC Alberta/Midwest Baptist Association) -
Christ International Assembly of Edmonton
            Meeting Location:  Evangel Baptist Church, 1204 Ellwood Road SW, Edmonton  
            Mailing Address:  730 Decoteau Way NW  Edmonton, AB  T5E 6P4
            Office Phone:  587-594-8361
Church in the Valley+
            Meeting Location:  Holiday Inn 18520 - 100 Avenue (Sundays at 11am) **Starting Sep 5th**
            Summer Meeting at the Park over the summer for Public In-Person Worship
            Mailing Address:  21245 - 88a Ave NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5T 6V2
            Office Phone:  587-921-9639
Church of Generation for Christ+
            Meeting Location:  13407 - 97 Street, Edmonton (Sundays at 3:30pm)
            Mailing Address:  13760 - 114 Avenue NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5M 2Y6
            Office Phone:  780-200-9917
Dovercourt Baptist Church*  
            12321 – 135 Street, Edmonton, AB T5L 1X6
            Office Phone: 780-455-0246      
Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church*  
            11112 – 109 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 1E1
            Office Phone: 780-426-0891      
Evangel Baptist Church*
            1204 Ellwood Road SW, Edmonton, AB  T6X 0B2
            Lead Pastor: 780-437-8552 ext 113 or 780-970-2555 (Roland Shum)
            English Coach (Pastor): 780-437-8552 ext 114 or 780-716-1208 (Jeremiah Capule) 
            Mandarin Pastor:  780-437-8552 ext 115 (Flavius Mui) 
               Associate Pastor:  780-437-8552 ext 112 (Joey Chan) 
            Administrator: 780-437-8552 ext 111 (Yvonne Tai & Helen Siu)
Filipino International Baptist Church*
            Weekend Location: West Jasper Sherwood Community League,  9620 - 152 Street,  Edmonton  
            Mailing Address: P.O. Box 67323 Hawkstone Co-op, Edmonton, AB T6M 0J5
            Phone: 780-964-2444
Filipino International Baptist Church North+
            Weekend Location: Unit 12, 9104 - 179 Avenue Edmonton, AB  T5Z 2K09
            Phone: 780-819-6138 
Filipino International Baptist Church South+
            Weekend Location: Contact for meeting location
            Phone: 780-318-4273
Iglesia Hispana Bautista de Edmonton (Hispanic Baptist Church of Edmonton)+
            Meeting Location:  Dovercourt Baptist Church, 12321 - 135 Street , Edmonton
            Mailing Address: 4405 - 150 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5Y 2Z8
            Phone: 780-966-1740
Jasper Place Baptist Church*
            8801 – 163 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 2N8
            Office Phone: 780-484-1981 
Life Renewal Baptist Church+
            Meeting Location:  Terwillegar Community Church, 1751 Towne Centre Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB  T6R 3N9  (Sundays at 2:30pm)
            Office Phone: 780-433-4124
Living Hope Baptist Church Edmonton+
            Meeting Location: Londonderry Community Hall,  14224 - 74 Street NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5C 0Y3
            Mailing Address: 130 Mayfair Mews,  Edmonton, AB  T5E 5R7
            Phone: 825-440-1748
Newway Baptist Church*
            Meeting Location:  3935 114 Street NW  Edmonton, AB  T6J 1M3 
            Phone: 780-238-2901
Rehoboth Church Int'l (Congolese)+
               Meeting/Mailing Location:  Dovercourt Baptist Church - 12321-135 Street NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5L 1X6
               Phone: 780-807-9780   
Trinity Mandarin Baptist Church+
               Meeting Location:  Castledowns (Salvation Army) Church, 12404 - 140 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB (Sundays at 3:30pm)
               Mailing Address:  c/o Evangel Baptist Church, 1204 Ellwood Rd SW, Edmonton, AB  T6X 0B2
               Phone: 780-970-2555   

West Edmonton Fellowship+
            Meeting Location:  Boardwalk Rec Centre,  17311 - 69th Ave NW,  Edmonoton  (Sunday's at 10:30am)
            Mailing Address:  5507 - 144A Avenue NW,  Edmonton, AB  T5A 3R2
Westwood Baptist Church*
            10212 – 121 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5G 0S9
            Office Phone: 780-477-7618
Evansburg, AB   (Yellowhead Region)
Evansburg Baptist Church*
            Meeting Location: 4804 - 48 Avenue            
            Mailing Address:  Box 459, Evansburg, AB T0E 0T0
            Office Phone:   
Fairview, AB  (Peace River Region)
Fairview Cornerstone Baptist Church*
            Meeting Location: 10501 - 100 Street,  Fairview
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 2217, Fairview, AB T0H 1L0
Fort McMurray, AB    (Peace River Region)
Connection Church
            Meeting Address:  10012 Gordon Avenue (Sundays 6:30pm)
            Mailing Address:  137 Deep Road,  Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 1B6
            Phone: 780-531-5689 (Clay Hilton)
            Phone: 587-646-1150 (Kirsten Toussaint)
Grande Prairie, AB   (Peace RIver Region)
Coram Deo Baptist Church*
            9101 – 104 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8X 1H5
            Office Phone: 780-532-0445
            Fax:  780-832-0692
Lethbridge, AB  (Southern Alberta Region)
Heavenly Glory+
            Meeting Address:  Salvation Army,  1302 - 4th Ave S,  Lethbridge  (Sundays at 1pm)
            Mailing Address:  252 Blackwolf Way North,  Lethbridge, AB  T1H 7B3
            Phone:  403-894-8700
Longview, AB  (Southern Alberta Region)
Eden Valley Church+
            Meeting Address:  Eden Valley Indian Reserve, Longview
            Mailing Address:  1364 Kingsland Road,  Airdrie, AB  T4A 0E5
            Phone:  587-580-8598
LLoydminister, AB  (Yellowhead Region)
Mosaic Church+
            Meeting Locations: 
                    - July/August - May Theatre Downtown 4704 - 49th Ave. Lloydminister - service at 10am.
                    - September - Vic Juba Theatre, Lakeland College,  2602 - 59th Ave,   Lloydminister, AB - service at 10:00am
            Mailing Address:  PO Box 1505,  Lloydminister, AB  T9V 3B8
            Phone: 780-214-1420
Okotoks, AB   (Southern Alberta Region)
Big Rock Baptist Church* (Okotoks, AB)          
          Sunday Location: 114 Waldron Avenue, Okotoks
          Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 1327, Okotoks, AB  T1S 1B3
          Phone: 403-938-3063
Pincher Creek, AB   (Southern Alberta Region)
Creekside Community Church         
          Meeting Location: 637 Charlotte Street, Pincher Creek, AB          
          Mailing Address:  PO Box 757, Pincher Creek, AB  T0K1W0
          Phone: 403-627-4518
*Sunday AM Service 10:30am
*Tuesday AM ladies Bible study 10:30am at 400 Main Street, Pincher Creek
*Wednesday night study 7pm at the church
*Thursday night study 7pm at the church
*Wednesday home bible study 7pm in Fort Macleod
*Holy Rollers Youth Friday 7pm at the church
Red Deer, AB  (Red Deer Region)
Red Deer Disciple Church+
            Meeting Location: West Park Church of the Nazerene, 3920 - 57th Ave, Red Deer
            Mailing Address: 37 Dillon Close, Red Deer, AB   T4R 2X7
      Phone: 403-392-8538
            Email: or
Sherwood Park, AB   (Yellowhead Region)
The Open Door Community Church
            Meeting Location:  Millennium Place 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, AB (Every Sunday at 10:30am)
            Email: (please contact Brian DeOliveria for updates)
St. Albert, AB   (Yellowhead Region)
Grace Family Church*
            60 Liberton Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N 4L5
            Office Phone: 780-459-2222               
            Fax: 780-418-2688
            Lead Pastor: (Mike McElroy)
            Associate Pastor:  (Tim Hydzik)
     ** St. Albert Cowboy Church is a ministry of Grace Family Church **
Worsley, AB   (Peace River Region)
Worsley Baptist Church*
            PO Box 233, Worsley, AB T0H 3W0
            Office Phone: 780-685-3930               
            Fax: 780-835-0724